As co-founder of Brammble™, a modern craft kit and supply company, I regularly design the packaging, instructions, and all marketing collateral for each of our products. 

Natalie Menacho

Looking for branding or packaging design help? please read on and see if we're a good fit!

Working in the natural foods industry has incredible advantages. Not only do I work on a team of awesome creatives, but I also interact with thousands of products everyday and watch as brands morph and evolve over time. As a member of the buying team, I share the decision of which new brands to bring in based on quality, sales collateral, and the overall look & feel of the products. Oh, the power! 

Some products virtually shout from the shelves, "Hey! Look at me! I'm awesome and I think you're awesome too! Let's be friends!" These are the ones that spark enthusiasm and practically jump into baskets. Then there are the other products... the ones that tend to lurk in the background, gathering dust, with blank expressions on their faces, as if wishing their friend had never brought them to this stupid party. You know the type: They look out of place, uncomfortable, and completely uninviting. -Uggh...let's avoid that for you, k?

So yeah, obviously we all want our packaging to be confident and approachable. Look, having a kick ass product is great and all, but if it doesn't have a welcoming personality, design differentiation, and look nice on the shelf, it's not gonna move. Period. 

As co-founder of Brammble, a craft kit and supply company, I spend a great deal of my time studying branding and co-designing new products. I find it totally fun and rewarding to create our modern packaging and marketing collateral to support our mission and spark creativity. What's more, I love experiencing people's reactions to it and then brainstorming ways to make it even better. 

Not to get too woo-woo for ya (though, honestly, I am pretty woo-woo), I believe a HUGE chunk of my life's purpose is about helping others. Yep. It's what I'm guided to do. I love helping small business owners dial in their branding and create packaging designs to fit their budgets. Please see me as a fellow creative entrepreneur with a genuine love for package design, branding, and helping people. If you have a project you'd like help with, let's chat! Reach out to me! If anything, you'll come away from the conversation with lots of new ideas because I really love brainstorming! 

Fill out the form below for a free 20-minute chat about YOUR business. No obligation or expectations. Don't worry, I'm not gonna try to sell you or launch into an orientation of my offerings. That's not my thing. As far as I'm concerned, you've just read what I'm all about, so there's no need for me to play a broken record over the phone. Honestly, I'm genuinely curious on how I might be of service for you and contribute to the success of your business. 

I love modern, punchy packaging that invokes joy, spontaneity, and abundance! I love lively conversations with fellow creative entrepreneurs and introducing new opportunities for partnerships. I love problem solving and brainstorming and bringing ideas into reality!

Oh, and I also really love mini-ponies, goats, hiking, boating, and birdwatching...just in case you were wondering.  

Hey! I'm awesome and I think you're awesome too! Let's be friends! Fill out the form below and let's connect!



Natalie Menacho
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