Hello! My name is Natalie Menacho and I love drawing, painting, and making. I love designing, writing, illustrating, and helping. I love rugged landscapes, the microscopic world, and observing animals of all shapes and sizes (especially fuzzy baby ones). 

I live on a mossy island in the Pacific Northwest amidst scenic waterways and rocky forests that spill right into the sea. 

I am a freelance creative with a passion for connection. I love to brainstorm and contribute my perspective. Let's connect! I love making new friends and collaborating on projects.

Whether you're looking for some design ideas for product packaging, an illustration to go with your article, feedback on your latest short story, or maybe a painting or two to adorn your living room wall, reach out! Say hi! Let's shoot the breeze! If anything, I'd love to hear about your hobbies and learn what creative trails you've explored. 

I live for connection and dedicate hours each week for contributing to my communities. Whether by physically volunteering for local non-profits, offering discounted (or pro bono) design help, consulting for small businesses, or simply sharing my ideas, supporting my fellowing creatives and investing in their work is my joy. 

Thank you for visiting my little corner of the Internet. If you're interested in seeing more of my work and newest explorations, please sign up for my newsletter! Wishing you a wonderful day!